What is the Vici Project?

The Vici Project is a coordinated and well-supported collection of free tools for building next-generation online and mobile applications for .NET.

All projects are open-source and community-supported.

Currently, the Vici Project consists of the following sub-projects:

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Latest news

01-Mar-2012 - Vici MVC 2.5

The next release of Vici MVC is coming soon. The biggest change will be the decoupling of controllers from the routing engine, meaning that you don't need controllers anymore. You will be able to hook anything you like to a URL request

25-Apr-2011 - CoolStorage v1.5 released

Vici CoolStorage version 1.5 has been released today. The #1 new feature is support for Windows Phone, allowing you to use a full-featured ORM for local data access in Windows Phone apps.

At the same time, the first version of Vici Core has been released as well. Documentation for this project is still in the works, but we will try to have plenty of documentation available in the next few weeks

Last but not least: Vici Core and Vici CoolStorage are now available via NuGet as well

23-Mar-2011 - Vici Project at Mix11

Vici Project will be shown at Microsoft's Mix 2011 conference in Las Vegas next month. We will be at the Open Source Fest on Monday April 11th at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Vici CoolStorage v1.5 will be released at the same time, introducing support for Windows Phone 7 in addition to .NET, Mono, MonoTouch and MonoDroid, making it the only full-blown ORM library for all mobile, desktop and server platforms.

10-Mar-2010 - Vici CoolStorage v1.3 released

Vici CoolStorage v1.3 has been released. This version fully supports MonoTouch, which means it can be used to develop iPhone apps in C# using CoolStorage.

This new version also adds support for Oracle 10/11 on .NET.

20-Feb-2010 - Mono/MonoTouch support

We're getting close to releasing new versions of Vici Core,CoolStorage and MVC. All sub-projects will also be available for Mono. In addition, MonoTouch will be supported in Vici Core and Vici CoolStorage, making it even easier to write iPhone apps in .NET

Latest releases

ProjectDev BuildRelease
Vici MVC2.0.2.2152(10-Jul-2012)2.0.1(30-May-2009)
Vici CoolStorage1.5.2.1017(26-Jun-2012)1.5.2(26-Jun-2012)
Vici Core1.0.3.1103(28-Jun-2012)1.0.2(26-Jun-2012)
Vici WinService0.9.1.1033(27-Feb-2010)not yet released